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Jersey City Metropolitan Is Very Elliptical

We go across the Hudson for the second time this week, courtesy of a tipster, who brings our attention to the rendering of the big, really big, 67-story residential tower that is planned in Jersey City. We visited this one back in June, but without a rendering to do it justice. The 755 foot tall giant, comes at us from Arquitectonica. Tipster writes:

I've seen the plans...Boomerang shape. Cool top. Boxy podium with pool on top. Very Miami.There are several more apartment towers on the drawing board too, but we don't know if they also break from the boxy Jersey City waterfront look. UPDATE: Looks like we got our elliptical Jersey City Arquitectonica buildings confused. The baby pictured above is The Metropolitan. The Ellipse, is part of the Newport development and will only be 460 feet high. In any case, click here for another rendering of what it might all look like in a few years Manhattan.
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