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Bye Bye Red Hook Graving Dock: Ikea Starts Big Fill

[Photo courtesy of John Bartelstone]

Looks like it could be time to kiss the Graving Dock on the Todd Shipyard property Ikea site in Red Hook good bye. Red Hook blogger B61 Productions says he got a tip the big box Swedish retailer has started filling in it in. If you've been following the big demolition job, you might remember that some nabe advocates have been lobbying to save it. B61 says:

Despite pleas from a group collectively known as the "Save the Graving Dock Committee," IKEA has remained steadfast in their intent to pave over the maritime structure...As one of the New York Preservation Society's "Seven to Save," the dock garnered interest from preservationists and local maritime advocates before and after the City Council approved the project.To recap and update: all the buildings on the huge 22-acre site are now rubble. The Graving Dock will come back in the next life as a parking lot.
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