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Echelon Mania in LIC, or Something

Last night was the "unveiling" of the Echelon building in Long Island City, the hipper-than-thou 54-unit condo building that will spring up on the Jackson Ave. thoroughfare and offer great views and a giant walk-in FreshDirect lobby fridge. It all sounds very nice, sure, but The Developer's Group invite that was circulating yesterday gives off the stench of the Bubble days of yore:

For tonight, and tonight only, if you purchase an offering plan, the Sponsor will pay city and state transfer taxes. Not tomorrow, not Sunday, not next week.

This will save you close to 2% on their closing costs. 1.8425% on units over $500K, 1.4% on units under $500K.

We will provide Umbrellas for you to stand in line.So, did anyone go to the party? Were lines of moist buyers stretched down the block, clawing each other's eyes out in order to save the 2%?
· Echelon []
· Echelon []