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Storefronting: LES Gets Malled

Storefronting is Curbed's regular roundup of the city's changing retail scene, and how it affects neighborhoods. Stores opening, closing, or otherwise impacting your reality? Drop a line to and tell us all about it.

1) Lower East Side: Here's a nice addition to the celeb-owned boutiques and overpriced tapas joints: "Steve Madden shoes is about to sign a lease to take over the corner at 100 Rivington street - home to the former 154 Attorney Street sales office. Apparently, they've also secured the space next door - 102 Rivington and former home to Rivington Arms gallery - for another brand under the Madden umbrella, a Betsy Johnson store." Shopping for the everywoman! [Storefronting inbox]
2) Upper East Village: The empty retail space next to Gristedes and Pizza & Pasta on 14th Street between FIrst and Second Avenues will become Gregory's Coffee, and it looks like that might happen pretty soon (above). The question is, will Gregory's be able to challenge the area's three Dunkin Donuts?
3) Lower East Side: "I recently received a 'for sale' flyer from a broker for Streits (corner of Suffolk & Rivington)." DEVELOPING! [Storefronting inbox]
4) Dumbo: More hipsters! "On my lunch hour, I saw Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington, near neighborhood boutique Loopy Mango (relocating to brand new Two-Trees brand Front Street digs from its current Jay Street location). A small crowd was gathered around him, not sure whether they were fans or just friends. Harrington was walking a small black dog and a cardigan-clad asian woman, carrying what i presumed was a plastic bag containing lunch. Does he live in the neighborhood?" [Storefronting inbox]
5) Soho: This is us just sayin'. Will the freaking gigantic flagship UNI QLO store that's coming to Broome and Broadway finally open this weekend or what? The crap's had signs all over it for way too long. Are we getting our Japanese mix of H&M and American Apparel or aren't we?