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CurbedWire: Sales Offices Anxiously Await Your Calls

1) Harlem: Blogger Bagel in Harlem reports that the sales office for Rhapsody on Fifth is now open for business. Says BIH, "There will be 22 units in the old church--two to four per floor. Occupancy is expected in about 12-14 months. So far, none of the apartments on Fifth Avenue and 127th Street have sold, but the sales director said they have 'hundreds of phone calls to make' to prospective buyers." [Bagel in Harlem]

2) Prospect Park: More sales office news, as Set Speed discovers the newly opened sales office for Richard Meier's On Prospect Park. But there's a catch?it's in Tribeca, at 78 Leonard St. Set Speed calls it "a nod to the type of demographic they're targeting." It ain't the cheaper office space. [Set Speed]

3) Broker Fun: A juvenile tipster gets a kick from a typo on a Elliman Listing. We'll let you try and find the mistake. [CurbedWire Inbox]