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London Terrace Gardens is Falling Down

What is it about London Terrace Towers and London Terrace Gardens, those Chelsea apartment monoliths, that makes us feel there's always something going awry? Years after Amy Sacco inflicted her wrath on the Towers, there's fresh fun to be had at the Gardens, reports blogger You Want a Piece of Me?:

Those of you in the 'hood are probably used to seeing the scaffolding at various points around the London Terrace block. Up to now, they've all been mainly repairing brickwork on the Towers (the two tallers portions of the building at either end of the block). Tuesday, however, some bricks tumbled down from the 14th floor of 450 West 24th and tore a hole in the awning. I found this out the next day when, going to assume my usual place on the front steps of 450 with my dog, Tony, to wait for his dog walker to come, the doorman told me he "wouldn't sit there" if he was me. He explained that the tear in the awning right above where Tony and I usually sit had been made by falling bricks. I haven't yet found out what the cause of the brick shower was, but suffice to say I'm glad I wasn't sitting there when they fell!· Is London Terrace Falling Down? [YWAPOM? via BlogChelsea]