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DownMarket: Here Come the Brits!

DownMarket is a new Curbed feature highlighting news of the so-called housing market slide. Think of it as BubbleWatch™'s proud successor.

1) The eerie graph above comes our way from the Times of London, which uses it to suggest to its readers that the time might be right to buy in NYC: "With price growth already slowing, there is much less concern that the market will see price falls in the next year or so." Everyone feeling more comfortable now? [The Times]

2) Elliman Broker Douglas Heddings reports that buyers' feet are getting colder: "In the last few days, I have had two contracts called off at the last minute, apparently by buyers who got cold feet. Oh, they didn't say exactly that. But it was pretty clear: In one case the stated reason was a story about an air conditioner. The buyers backed out because it wasn't included. When told they could have it, they replied 'it's too late.'" [TrueGotham]

3) Miller-Samuel's Jonathan Miller offers up a joyous national real estate perspective: "Warning: viewer discretion is advised." [Matrix]