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A96 #3: Annual West Harlem Anti-Gentrification Party

Continuing on our Harlem-and-above jag, a Curbed reader emails:

On my walk to the subway today, I noticed a banner for the Annual West Harlem Anti-Gentrification Block Party. The banner is stretched across Tiemman Place, a block below 125th St. and Broadway. I wanted to know more about this block party. If it's annual, does this mean its been going on for years? Can you do a piece on this?
Lisa Chamberlain reported a few years back that the gathering has been going on for over 20 years: "A group of tenant associations and neighborhood activists, longtime residents sell homemade crafts and food on this quiet, tree-lined street between Broadway and Riverside Drive." Previous attendees know more?
· Exploding the Gentrification Myth: Columbia Prof’s Surprising Findings [NYObserver via Polis]