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CurbedWire: Unwrapping The Ivy

CurbedWire is Curbed's regularly irregular end-of-day gossip, news, and rumor wrap. Got Wire? Drop a line to

1) Harlem: A final Harlem bit of news for the day. After months of blind waiting, we can all finally see. A special Curbed correspondent emails this afternoon, "The Ivy Condominium was just unwrapped. The sheet came down within the hour." Those in the know should already know there's a kickoff sales party there tomorrow night to celebrate. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Upper East Side: A tipster wonders about the renovation of the Hunter School on the east side of Madison between 94th and 95th. He writes, "For the past several years this part of the school grounds has been scaffolded with netting around those areas of the armory’s turrets that might have falling debris. The school building itself was renovated on the outside and now is free of its scaffold. Does this mean that the city is deferring the maintenance on the other part of its property (which has not apparent offices or classroom) or is there a deal in the works to build another hideous high rise? I hope the former." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) East Village: With all of the excitement over the Flowerbox's website launch, we neglected to note the history of the building and the developer. A reader fills us in: "The Flowerbox developer is the son of a liberal filmmaker idealist who tried with all his might to improve the block and the neighborhood. The son returns to where he grew up, buys the building, and to fulfill his father's vision ... makes millions of dollars by selling the condos to yuppies? This is amazing." [CurbedWire Inbox]