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A96 #1: Washington Heights Townhouse Gem

It's one of those days where we find our attention drifting to the world Above 96th Street in Manhattan. Join us for adventures A96, won't you?

Uptown Deco, a new neighborhood blog focusing on the wild world above 155th Street, draws our eyes to this townhouse gem at 863 Riverside Drive in Washington Heights. At an asking of $2.475 million, the 7,000 sqft townhouse is the most expensive property currently on the market above 155th, says UD, though the price hasn't budged since it came up for sale in late May. One cool touch, per the listing prose: "On the backside, an ancient gully runs parallel to the row of houses setting them back from the taller residential buildings and creating acreage of forest-like green."
· Listing: 863 Riverside Drive [Corcoran via Uptown Deco]