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Is Dumbo a Film Shooting Hell Again?

[Photo courtesy of plemeljr on flickr]

Okay, so a tipster writes:

Came home from work to DUMBO tonight, had to move my car. Just that EVERY STREET HAS A MOVIE FILMING ON IT AND I CAN NOT PARK MY F**KING CAR. Who the hell lets a film crew take over an entire neighborhood? Maybe I should get a super 8 camera so the Mayor's office will clear everyone out of the way for me and MY CAR.Does this have a little bit of that deja vu all over again feel? Maybe you remember how in '03 Dumbo residents got so pissed about the constant film shoots in their photogenic nabe that the city imposed a mortorium on shoots. Those days are long gone, though. There are way more film shoots in Dumbo, Williamsburg and other nabes now than a few years ago. The Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting reports 31,570 "shooting days" last year, more than double the total in 2002. No number for this year, but if the signs we see in Brooklyn are any indication, it's freaking huge.
· Mayor's Office of Film [] UPDATE: DumboNYC has since offered that the production in question is I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, with Adam Sandler, Dan Aykroyd, Jessica Biel and Steve Buscemi among others.