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Semi-Vegan Seeks Non-Tweakers for Playing Hard

"I really am a nice guy," says the person looking for someone to rent out the extra bedroom in his SoFi apartment, "I just had a terrible terrible TERRIBLE experience with my roommate last year and I would love to enjoy coming home." So how terrible was this experience? Well, let's just say it left him somewhat scarred:

Im semi-vegan so I hope you don't eat meat, and if you do please do it outside of the apartment. The smell, the look, and the taste makes me want to vomit. I don't like the smell of Indian spices either. No pets. You can not smoke cigarettes in the apartment, but I don't care if you smoke 420 (weed). No tweakers though. I understand that for many people marijuana is either cultural, therapeutic, or medically prescribed. No alcoholics (or recovered/recovering) please. If you work hard and play harder that's great, I tend to do that as well. I love a good gin and tonic. If you have over nite guests in your room please keep the noise to a minimum and the length of the stay to a minimum. Don't eat my food. Conservatives, racists, in-your-face-christians, and homophobes will not work. There are places in the Bronx for you... You simply do not deserve this space. And, well, it goes on from there. But hey, it's only a thousand bucks, right?
· Listing: $1000 1 Bdrm available in fabulous 2 Bdrm apartment!!! [Craigslist]