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CurbedWire: End-of-Summer Clearance Sale

1) Lower Manhattan: Bargain Hunter Alert! We received a tip that the good folks at 120 Greenwich Street are running a special today: "The sponsor of 120 Greenwich Street has 36 apartments left to sell and wants to get rid of them quickly. To do so they have set up a financing program where the buyer will only need to put down 5% including closing costs. This is an unheard of offering! Your buyer can purchase a mint renovated one bedroom condo for $625K putting only 31K down including closing costs! The brokerage community does not know about this offering yet." They don't, but now you all do. Ten-hut. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Greenwich Village: The pool may be closed for winter, but things are heating up at 300 Mercer. It seems the building's owners have launched a website. A tipster emails, "I'm 99% sure this website was not here a few months ago when I first searched for info on my new home. Perhaps they're considering going condo/coop?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Dumbo: Time for a Dumbo throwdown? An informant whispers, "Walentas's permit for the iron sculpture to be created at 66 Water St specifically to block the windows of 57 Front Street has been approved. What perfect timing—there are open houses for 204 & 404 (the apartments in the lines to be blocked) this weekend. Bring on the awkward questions!" After an18 month closing, one reasons that the Fronters are ready to rumble. [CurbedWire Inbox]