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20 Questions, Craigslist Style

Hey Brokers...

Do you really think that anyone looking to move to Williamsburg won't figure out that it's actually BedStuy? Or that Washington Heights isn't Inwood? Or that those numbered cross streets are actually in outer Queens or deep Brooklyn or the Bronx or Jersey City or Newark, and not right in the heart of lower Manhattan? Do you really think that Morningside Heights is in the heart of Sugar Hill? That Sunnyside=Jackson Heights=Kew Gardens=Long Island City?! Do you think we think that? Or that we won't realize it when we trudge all the way there? Or that we're that frikking desperate that we'll buy your shovelled bullshit anyway? Do you really think that we'll confuse one side of the Harlem River for another, and confuse Inwood with the Bronx? Or do you think that if you don't post the actual location, we'll just come anyway, and ignore the hour-and-a-half train ride that you presented as "10 minutes from the city?" And then we'll be happy to fork over a grand for a tiny closet smaller than our parents' garage to your slimey, sweaty palms?
So much anger from today's youth. Click through for a nice message to those seeking subletters as well.
· $1 POSTING a rental? Be courteous and rational! [Craigslist]