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Buster's Garage Refuses to Live or Die

Just when you thought it was over?when you thought there were no twists or turns left in the saga of this homeless sports bar?another curveball is thrown into the mix. Last night, Community Board 1 voted to deny Buster's Garage a transfer of its liquor license (again). "But Curbed," you mutter. "The sign ... it was a done deal!" Not so fast, weary reader. Let Kris Brown, president of the board at the nearby Julliard Building (and garage evictee), explain what went down:

With I believe just two abstentions, the full CB voted in favor of denying Buster's application to transfer its liquor license. Per my earlier e-mail below regarding the Buster's moving sign and possible plans for a relocation to 90 John Street, representatives from Buster's said the sign was "a mistake". This response was met with a great deal of skepticism by CB members and others in the audience, some of whom suggested the sign, which appeared late last week and came down just yesterday, might have been a ruse by Buster's to dissuade a large public turn out this evening. In any event, it now appears that the next step will be for the State Liquor Authority to consider the Buster's application for 24 Leonard Street. We understand that in most cases the SLA will follow the recommendations of the CB, but this cannot be assured so we must remain vigilant.

Got all that? Good. Because there's more! Looks like someone also defaced Buster's moving sign. What happened there? We'll let Kris Brown explain again, right after the jump. It has just come to my attention that someone has defaced the Buster's
moving sign on West Broadway. As you may know, the sign now announces
that Buster's has decided to move to 90 John Street. Since this
morning, someone has hand written on their sign: "Thank Goodness, A
Neighbor". This is not acceptable. I would personally walk over and
clean off this graffiti if I wasn't at my office now in mid town. Despite our differences, Buster's has a right to notify others of its
hopefully new plans. If anyone receiving this message is home, could
they go over with a paper towel and some cleaning solution to try to
clean off this graffiti?

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