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CurbedWire: Feeling Ill in Chelsea

1) Chelsea: "Here's a cautionary story about listening to too much hip-hop. Today I was walking down 6th Ave in Chelsea (655 6th is the exact address) and spotted a banner that stopped me dead. It appeared to call attention to a website for the 'one ill building', or Hmm, I thought, that's interesting terminology for a building featuring more multi-million dollar condos. Not every potential buyer might understand that 'ill' used in certain circles, is a compliment. Instead, especially given the bright red color of the banner, it may be possible that some of these folk might think the building was ill, or sick, and give it a wide berth.The next banner set me straight. The building in question is 'The O'Neill Building'. What a difference a missing apostrophe makes!" Okay, we've done this one before, but still get an email or so a week about it. A true fan favorite. [CurbedWire Inbox]