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Schaefer Landing PM Update: "70s Roller Disco Lights"

We don't think this has anything to do with the BLOW OUT SALE! at South Williamsburg's Schaefer Landing, but there's action in our inbox today about the nighttime light show at the luxe highrise. We noted the lights back in June. Either no one noticed them since, or they're a special time-to-time treat. A sample of the reviews:

Last night from my office in dumbo there was a bizarre close encounters esque tacky light show on the exterior of both buildings. Was this from the “Blowout Sale”?And this:Across the river, atop three warehouse looking buildings was a light display that closely resembled a light bright board.And this:Schaefer Landing lit up like a 70s roller disco..I see it from my office window.. a flashing purple, pink and white grid of lights. Yikes.Anybody that's captured the action, is invited to hit us up at
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