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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Asphalt Edition

Answers to Tuesday's questions, submitted by actual readers, below. If you've got a better answer, another development question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, send us a line at drop a note in the comments below.

1) Lower East Side: Is the vacant lot south of Delancy between Essex and Ludlow bracing for 20-stories of condo fun? A commenter says no. "The Parking lot is just being re-surfaced...Luckly no bullshit building as ugly as Tschumi blue heap of shit will be going in here."
2) Williamsburg: A tipster says the space fronting union avenue & ainslie street "is gonna be some big ass residential development. during the big rezoning of the neighborhood, this area was briefly slated to be kept manufacturing, but they changed it to be that MX zone you see in the zoning today."
3) Carroll Gardens: We've got some numbering problems on Smith St. A commenter says the demo'ed property in question is at Smith and Douglass, not Butler. In any case, here's the best intel we've got: "232-240 Smith St has pre-app for a 20,000 sq ft building. 50'X 100' parcel."

4) East Village: Finally, the commenter "toaster" is claiming the flashing light on the southwest corner of Houston on 2nd Ave. S/he writes, "it's my blinking light!! can't believe you saw that! got a problem with it? haha. i'm thinking of adding another!!"
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