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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) 20 Questions, Craigslist Style (48 comments)
"get real people. there is a huge demand for rentals. ergo, there is a huge demand for brokers. landlords don't need to pay the fee because the market is saturated with people looking for a place to rent; someone will be willing to pay the fee. It's basic suppy and demand logic."
2) Checking in on the J Condo (47 comments)
"Maybe I've just gotten used to the mass of the building in little dumbo, but surprisingly I must say that I actually like it. The design and materials used are not imposing although the building stands out. Very classy, unlike it's fellow highrise neighbor, 85 Adams."
3) Buster's Garage Refuses to Live or Let Die (42 comments)
"It has nothing to do with stroller moms. But it has everything to do with keeping the creepy New Jersey suburbification out of the city. Keeping frat boys out goes hand in hand with returning character to the city."
4) CurbedWire: End-of-Summer Clearance Sale (39 comments)
"It's great that you don't need as much of a downpayment. But if you're having trouble making the 10 percent downpayment, you might have just as much trouble paying the extra 5 percent of mortgage."
5) Semi-Vegan Seeks Non-Tweakers for Playing Hard (32 comments)
"WTF is a semi vegan? You are either vegan or not......."