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Fairway Apartments: Red Hook, Not on the Cheap

When the Red Hook Fairway megastore funtime party palace opened in May, The Real Estate (where we stole this picture) reported that the apartments above the grocery store would be finished in three months, with estimated rents at $2,800 to $4,500. Well here we are, almost four months later, and it's all happening, kiddies. This came over the wire and into our inbox:

A friend of mine went to some open houses above the Fairway in Red Hook this weekend. We can't seem to find a link with any pictures. He saw them through Manzione- anyone have any pix? He said they were really amazing. Prices from 2200 I beleive.The Manzione website is, shall we say, "old school," so not much information there. However, we did find this listing up on Craigslist. One-bedroom with home office for $3,150? Your view better be up the Statue of Liberty's skirt for that kind of scratch, free parking or no free parking.
· Listing: $3150 / 1br - FAIRWAY APARTMENTS + PARKING [Craigslist]
· LBRHFO Pt. III [The Real Estate]