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Toxic Mustard in Williamsburg?

Back in March, a tipster told us that Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard factory had been bundled into a big property purchase by Steiner Equities for $25 million. It appears some work is underway, and the neighbors don't really like what they see:

We're hard at work getting ready for BARC Animal Shelter's big Dog Parade and Show on Sunday the 24th (shameless plug) and across the street from the shelter, on the corner of Wythe and N. 1st, there must be some toxic work going on. The plastic sheeting and yellow tape is barely secured and guys with respirators are taking black bags of something down the little ladder into the empty building. Last Sunday we were treated to the spectacle of a giant crane lifting two medium cranes up to the roof of the old mustard factory. Wish I had had my camera for that... it looked incredibly unsafe!Insert your own "they're just wiping off all the hipster scum" joke here, please.
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