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Hearing Voices on Atlantic Yards: "Brooklyn Speaks"

Another combatant entered the Brooklyn battleground known as Atlantic Yards yesterday evening with the launch of the BrooklynSpeaks website. BrooklynSpeaks is made up of a number of groups, most notably the Municipal Art Society and eight nabe groups. Notably absent is Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and several neighborhood groups closest to the Forest City Ratner project. BrooklynSpeaks' website runs down a long list of principles, including reducing the size of the project by 1/3 to 1/2 and a greater percentage of affordable housing for families making less than $35,000 a year. The group doesn't come out and say that it supports using eminent domain, but certainly looks like it accepts it.

Overall, the site's backers look like they're angling to have a say in changing the project, not blocking it. Sponsors are having a press conference today in Park Slope at 3:30. So, now that Brooklyn, so to speak, has spoken, who's listening? And is anyone going to be able to keep track of the speakers other than Atlantic Yards Report?
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