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Adventures in Crazed Nudity, Parts I and II

When a story contains mental instability, nudity and?obvs?real estate, we just can't resist. But when there are two of those stories on the same day, we're tempted to just clock out for the day and let the good times roll. Check these puppies out, both from the Post:

1) A dude is suing Warburg Realty, claiming the actions of his broker resulted in him selling his three-bedroom apartment on West 79th Street for $500,000 less than market value. What were those interesting sales tactics employed by the Warburg employee? Well, after an open house, the broker trashed the apartment, arranged things in "satanic" patterns, peed on the mattresses, stripped naked and shat in the closet. And the seller's problem with that was ...? [The Devil's Apt. Broker]

2) Over in far more civilized Brooklyn, a Sheepshead Bay landlord?locked in a rent dispute with a tenant?allegedly threw pepper spray into the tenant's window while he was sleeping in the buff with his girlfriend. Thinking his face was on fire or something, the guy ran out of the basement apartment and out onto the street, completely naked. Looks like he'll think twice before he damands hot water again. [Rent-Feud Chemical Reaction]