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CurbedWire: Incredible Shrinking Synagogue, $14m

1) Lower East Side: Recognize the lot shaded yellow above? You should. It's our old friend, the Incredible Shrinking First Roumanian Synagogue. After its collapse last January and subsequent takedown, its lot is again up for sale. A special Curbed correspondent uncovered a secret factsheet prepared by Besen and Associates. The Congregation wants to retain about 7,000 SF of the new building for its new facility, including a ballroom. The plot of land has an allowable 45,000 square feet and a $14 million price tag. (That's a PriceChop from the $15.3m price when it hit the market for 24 hours back in March.) [CurbedWire]

2) Greenwich Village: After seeing the recent conversions at 184 Thompson, a suspicous reader emails, "My friend who lives on that block of Thompson said there was a three alarm fire in that very building last winter... hmmm." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Dumbo: A tipster emails, "Looks like y'all scared off the peeps at the Developers Group, they aren't even advertising the recently reduced prices at 99 Gold anymore online. Perhaps people who've signed contracts already are a bit miffed?!" Or maybe those signees saw the athletic facilites at 99 Gold (right). The tipster who sent this in wonders, "Ever see a basketball court with columns in the middle of it?" [CurbedWire Inbox]