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2forty Park's Amenities Include God's Work

A reader points out a rather almighty claim in the copy for a terrestrial listing: "240 Park Ave. South will enjoy a plethora of amenities ranging from God's given light too [sic] the intricacies that come with the years of experience gained by sirs Gwathmey & Siegel dedication in teaching and exploring the boundaries of architecture."

The reader asks: "So not only are Gwathmey & Siegal inflicting another sculpture for living on NYC, but somehow they can claim God's given light as their own?"

Heaven only knows what you get for $1.18 to $3.14 million.

What we do know is that the broker's copy continues with a god-awful attempted play on the 2forty name: "So be it 2for tea, custom carved sinks, sauna or massage rooms the owner of a 2forty residence will abound in the joy of the best New York has to offer."
· Listings: 240 Park Avenue South [Douglas Elliman]