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Buyer Doubles His/Her Pleasure at 70 Washington

Seems like there are some big things going on at our old friend 70 Washington. When we last checked in with our Dumbo homeboy, way back in January, the building was patting itself on the back for reaching that ever-elusive 60% sold mark. We didn't get any big press release this time around, but the Brooklyn Daily Eagle is reporting that 70Wash is now 80% sold, and coming off its biggest sale yet. We caught up with this via DumboNYC because the Eagle's story isn't free, but the details appear to be that someone is buying two penthouses and combining them, for a total purchase price of $3.42 million (or $1,261 for each of its 2,720 square feet). One of the penthouses happens to be the 1,300sf duplex unit behind the clock, originally listed at $1.7 million. No word on who this new King of Dumbo is, but we're certainly hoping that it's some sort of supervillain.
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