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Toll Brothers Get Out the Pricing Gun

Curbed: Hey Felicia De Chabris! What's up? Why do you look so carefree and effortlessly happy? Even your head-tilt is one of delicate whimsy.
FeliciaHeartsHalstead: Well Curbed, it's because I've got some really, really great news! I've got the listings for One Ten 3rd up on my page!
Curbed: Holy crapballs, Felicia! How are they building that mofo so fast?!?!
FeliciaHeartsHalstead: LOL!!!!! Check it out. I've got renderings of the lobby and a model unit and floorplans and everything OMG!
Curbed: Awesome, what else can you tell us? $$$?
FeliciaHeartsHalstead: I've got 800sf one-bedrooms starting at $887,000, so it's over $1,100/sf right off the bat, but at least the CC is only $834! Two-beds go from $1-1.7 million and I've got a three-bedroom for $2.039!
Curbed: Very, very interesting, Felicia. But why does the rendering show a really annoying column right when you walk in the front doors, directly in front of the doorman's desk?
FeliciaHeartsHalstead: LOL, idk!!!!!!!!
Curbed: Oh, Felicia, you're such a card.
FeliciaHeartsHalstead: OK g2g bb · Listings: 110 Third Avenue [Halstead]
· One Ten 3rd []