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Storefronting: All Kinds of Mongering

1) Astor Place: "Looks like Karen's on Astor has finally moved past the series finale of 'Friends', formerly their logo inspiration, and have updated their signage for a post-Joey-Tribbiani world." [Brian Van]

2) Williamsburg: A Sunday stroll along Bedford was never complete without a stop in the Clovis Bookstore on North 4th. It's been gone for some time now, and finally its replacement is set to open. The Bedford Cheese Shop's move from the North 5th mini-mall into the corner space is expected to go down next week. [Brooklyn Record]

3) Flatiron District: "There was a small flock of architect/designer types nosing around outside Avalon (the old and increasingly derelict church once home to the semi-infamous Limelight). One was waving around a book of design elevations that included prominent ‘Ralph Lauren’ signage on the exterior. Last week, big orange tax seizure stickers went up on doors on two sides of the building. Signs disappeared pretty quickly, but the sticky residue is still there." Maybe the RL peeps are growing tired of the infestation thing? [Storefronting inbox]

4) Midtown East: "It looks like you were right about the fate of the Columbus Bakery on First Avenue between 52nd and 53rd. Saturday was its last day of operation. Can its neighbor, the Metropolitan Café, be far behind?" [Storefronting inbox]

5) Everywhere all the time: Shopping will kill you. Here's your ride. [Test of Will]