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CurbedWire: Wolf Whistles in Murray Hill

1) East Village: The Brothers Toll are on a Mission. First they stormed the beachhead, then they
set their terms. Now comes the construction blitzkrieg. A tipster sends along this recent photo of 110 Third Avenue and it appears to be at full attention. Sez the tipster, who also happens to run a blog some of you might have heard of, "I leave for Paris for two weeks and come back to this." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Murray Hill: An update on former Development Du Jour 45 Park Avenue, where every unit comes with a washer and dryer: "45 Park is going up incredibly fast (at least 15 stories are up), and the workmen are on site by 7am every day, it seems. One of the reasons they stay onsite so long? About every half hour, the workmen spot a pretty young thing strolling down Park Avenue, and a grand chorus of whistles echoes forth from the hollow building. The whistling is surprisingly musical and entertaining in its tonal variety...these guys should play Carnegie Hall." [CurbedWire Update]