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South Slope "Crack Tour"

This vid comes our way from the IMBY blog and has the catching title "2006 Crack Tour." IMBY's been covering the saga of the building on 8th Avenue in the South Slope that is surrounded by construction and is slowly being abandoned:

Only two of the "original" tenants left now at 1504 8th Avenue as one more has relocated. I think they are barricaded in the rent controlled apartments. I wonder, how long before we see two more tiny white flags waiving from the windows?
This is not to be confused with the crackwatch or the crack monitors, but we wish for an update on the crack addicts. The vid moves a little slowly, but if you're into this kind of thing, you'll see they've got some bangin' crack in the South Slope.
· 2006 Crack Tour [IMBY]
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BONUS: For a different kind of Brooklyn tenants under seige story, check out this story about how two holdout tenants are being bricked inside a building in Prospect Heights by a landlord who wants to upscale the building.

DOUBLE BONUS: Speaking of crack, The Onion explains the upside of crack dealers. They pay the rent on time "despite having no bank account, credit cards, or personal checks." Plus a lot of improvements like a "fully reinforced door."