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Toxic Mustard Update: Asbestos with Your Old Dutch?

A tipster who lives near the Old Dutch Mustard building in Williamsburg, which is undergoing heavy-duty decontamination work forwarded us another photo of a worker with a breathing mask:

It's one of the "demolition crew working half a block from the Mustard

building on Metropolitan between Wythe and Berry," with his mask. It's taken from my kitchen window (they're redoing the roof directly across from me, on North Third, which is why there's so much crap piled up in the foreground).What's been going on? Check out the "Asbestos Abatement Notice" we photographed on Old Dutch's door. Interestingly, the date on the notice is for work in June and we know for a fact the signs didn't go up until late August or early September. Asbestos, people. It's right on the ingredient label between mustard seeds and salt.
· Toxic Mustard in Williamsburg? [Curbed]