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Keeping Track of (Some) Waterfront Park Plans

If you're having a hard time telling one waterfront park or project from another and don't know what's up with any of them, you might want to check the new Gotham Gazette article that tracks the progress of some waterfront developments and parks including Hudson River Park, East River Park and the Belt Parkway Path. There are project galore, they write, but:

progress has been spotty, beset by squabbles, cost over-runs, reversals or simply inaction.Also included are the battle over the view of the Statue of Liberty from the Minerva statue in Green-Wood Cemetery and Ikea's waterfront development in Red Hook. The article avoids the controversial Brooklyn Bridge Park plan and the Williamsburg waterfront, but who can blame them?
· Waterfront in Fits and Starts (and Stops) [Gotham Gazette]