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Village Burrito Closing: NYU Hunger, Apocalypse

Eater scores a photo of a sign at Central Village cheap-eats stalwart Harry's Burritos, which has closed after 10 years of service to the NYU crowd. Simply saying "we've closed," though, wasn't enough—turns out that in Harry's eyes, the death is a metaphor for the death of all of Greenwich Village—and, seemingly, the world. Join us as we transcribe the sign above:

After 10 Years Harry's has been at this location, we are calling it a day. Since I was a student coming into New York City, Greenwich Village was " THE " place to go. There was music in the streets, cafes overflowing, funky restaurants.

It was [alive with?] a spirt of creativity, learning, and openness. [We?] aspired to be one of those funky restaurants in the Village. Though the Village has changed a bit and the focus of the world seems to have taken a turn. If you look really hard, you can still see it. Try peeking into the original Chess Shop or get a Haircut and Shave at Frank's on Thompson Street. There are still some spots with old flavor.

... and there the photo stops. It's like finding a lost Shakesperian play—missing Act V. Anyone care to snag us a pic of the sign's dramatic coda?
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