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West Side Rail Yards: We Want 50 BLUEs

Remember the Jets Stadium and the Olympic bid thing? It seems almost like a dream that never actually took place. But it did (no, really?check the archives), and since it all blew up, the West Side rail yards have been waiting patiently for the next plan of action. And here it is! The city is dropping its attempt to buy the development rights from the MTA, instead striking a deal to rezone the 13 acres on the west side of 11th Avenue between 30th and 33rd Streets for high-rise development, and sell off the land to the highest bidder. No developers' names have been tossed around just yet, but this should lead to a nice frenzy.

The money would go to the MTA to help fund the $2.15 billion 7 Train extension, so that the people who will occupy this godforsaken nowheresville can actually get places. The city would also pay the MTA $200 million for unused development rights from the already-rezoned Hudson Yards, on the east side of 11th Avenue. That, too, would be sold off to developers. The MTA's board might vote on the proposal at tomorrow's meeting, and the plan also needs approval from the City Council and the Hudson Yards Development Infrastructure Corporation. Folks, this is a biggie.
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