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Gyllenhaal-on-the-Slope: The Story, the Fallout

The rumors were true, and so it has come to pass. Brooklyn has stolen another hot youngish Hollywood couple, and now Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal (and we refuse to check the spelling on both of those) are free to join in on Heath & Michelle's games of charades or Connect Four or Ratner-bashing or whatever the fuck these people do when they congregate in their homes. Max Abelson reports in the Observer that Pete and Mags purchased the four-story brownstone on Sterling Place in Park Slope that was listed through Corcoran at $1.75 million?the listing long since removed from the website. At 3,600-square-feet, dare we say this sounds like a deal? The previous owner occupied the bottom three floors and rented out the top unit, but our celebrity friends will receive the brownstone vacant, thereby shunning the opportunity to become the sexiest landlords of all time.

So what does this all mean? We'll tell you: Less daydreaming for crazies! Also in the Observer, a woman rants about her imagined love affair with the brownstone, bemoaning the loss of "the last old-lady house in the North Slope" at the hands of the rich and famous. Sample: "I now see there was a multi-person conspiracy going on. The agent wanted to sell to movie stars. My friend wanted movie stars to buy it (her real-estate values). Even the innocent, tired senior wanted to sell to movie stars. 'Best and final.' As if! Oops, did we forget to clarify that is was 'best and final from the most glamorous bidders?' Welcome to the neighborhood, guys!
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[Sterling Place photo via PropertyShark]