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Glass Acts at 40 Bond, 40 Mercer

Grab a 40! After checking in with BLUE's facade, let's head west to the glassy facades going up at Ian Schrager's 40 Bond in Noho and André Balazs' even ritzier 40 Mercer in Soho. Above left, 40 Bond, whose facade has just begun to shine. Above right, 40 Mercer, a glassy facade we're not afraid to say we're really quite enjoying.
· 40 Bond Street [Flickr/Lawrence L]
· That New One on Grand [Test of Will]

BONUS: The NYPress' Best of New York hits the streets this week, featuring a depressingly standard takedown of new development architecture, and some utterly random love for Craigslist's new-ish $10/rental listing policy.
· Best of New York 2006 [NYPress]