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Greenpoint Getting Fingered Too

Williamsburg's Finger Building has gotten all the attention, but a corner of Greenpoint north of McCarren Park is getting mini-fingered. There are nearly a dozen buildings in the five-ten story range concentrated in an area between McGuinness Boulevard, Bayard Street, Manhattan Avenue and Driggs Avenue. (Not counting Karl Fischer Row on Bayard Street immediately east of the park.) The epicenter of the building boom is around Eckford Street and Engert Avenue, which features multiple fingers poking up. Oh, and the buildings aren't near the little explosive gas problem from the monstrous Greenpoint Oil Spill. They think the underground petroleum plume went the other way. Whew.

More pics of Greenpoint's Little Fingers after the jump.
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Poking up over Eckford Street.

The triangle between Manhattan Avenue, Driggs Avenue and Leonard Street.

The Finger of Newton Street.