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PS64 Denuding Update: Singer Soldiers On

Remember our old friend Greg Singer, the developer who, in his effort to remake Avenue B's PS64/CHARAS/El Bohio building has threatened to turn the place into a homeless shelter while he strips architectural details from the facade? Of course you do. Even in New York, such sheer douchebaggery is hard to forget. Comes the Village Voice's Power Plays blog to update us on his activities:

On the morning of September 11, no less, Singer dispatched a demolition crew to resume stripping the facade of the century-old former elementary school... Now neighbors wake to the sound of his workers gnawing at the building like industrial woodpeckers. To date, the crew has managed to destroy eight of the 11 ornate dormer windows on the 10th Street side of the school.Even more genius: Singer apparently ran an ad on the back page of The Villager last week declaring, "Old P.S. 64 stands as an eyesore in your neighborhood because of inaction on the part of your representatives... Some of them have decided that the best thing for this community is to fight the owners, and keep the building vacant and deteriorating, rather than develop it to benefit the people in the community."
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