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Brooklyn Sale Prices: "Reaching for the Stars"?

Following up on yesterday's news about Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard putting down $1.75 million for a Park Slope brownstone, the Daily News notes today that the most expensive townhouse ever listed in Brooklyn, the one originally listed in Brooklyn Heights for $20 million, may have a buyer. Looks like it's seriously PriceChopped, though, as the latest asking price was $12.9M, which is no surprise to those following the price slide that took it to $16M then to about $14.5M. The house is said to be in contract for what would still be a record Brooklyn price.

And, then, there's this tidbit:

Park Slope real estate agents said brownstones and townhouses priced at under $2 million are selling fast in the area, but those listed for more than $3 million have largely stopped selling as the city's hot real estate market cools.Having said that, the story notes that $2M+ buildings are still selling well in Brooklyn Heights where "prices are much steeper."
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