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On Celebrating Unimpressive Percentages

It's long overdue, but it's time we call bullshit on all these press releases we get from marketers tooting their own horns about less-than-spectacular condo sales figures. And we're sorry to single out North 8 (OK, not really), but this is just the most recent example of what we're talking about. Grown-Up Williamsburg has apparently been on the market for a week, so we got this celebratory note exclaiming "20% sold!" That's all fine and dandy, but remember that North8 only has 40 units, meaning they sold 8 of them. Is that really so spectacular? The first week is when excitement should be at its highest?when the development has that new-building smell and everyone is in "Holy shit! I have to buy this right now!" mode. And only 8 got unloaded? And you want a cookie for it? Seems weird to us, but we'd be happy to read your feedback on what percentage deserves our hearty congratulations.
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