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Development Du Jour: The Brownstone East Village

Located at 224 East 14th Street, The Brownstone East Village is a four-unit development in a refurbished 19th Century brownstone. It's being billed by Corcoran as a "classic house remix," the first time we've ever heard that term used to describe a home and not a Diddy song. So what does it mean? Here you go:

High performance versions of original materials like brownstone and porcelain, used in conjunction with glass curtain walls, air curtain walls and garage doors open the once dark Victorian interior spaces of the building to light, air and the energy of the city. Right. So while it looks like a regular East Village walk-up to you, the building actually uses "high performance" brownstone and porcelain. And what of these garage doors? That's the kicker folks. The doors, which appear to be on two of the units, actually slide up, enabling you to leap to your death (or severe injury, at least) on a moment's whim without any of the internal struggle or second thoughts that plague most suicide attempts. It's hard to convey in pictures?just watch the video on the website. No other details that we know of, which is good because our brains just exploded.
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