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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) DownMarket: Bargains Everywhere... But Where? (50 comments)
"The real estate market is a teenagers wet dream waiting to explode. Sooner or later it will and mommie will have to change the sheets."
2) DownMarket: Lenox Grand Now Ahead of the Curve (48 comments)
"The concern for all buyers in this market should be the future financial health of the building down the line if these kind of false incentives persist and buyers are suckered into an untenable loan."
3) Ask Curbed: Extreme Window-Washing (38 comments)
"I love that moment. I am free, defying gravity, breaking the rules. I should be splattered on the pavement below. But I'm not, so I savor the view: the Carlyle's up the street, the Whitney's just over my shoulder."
4) Three Cents Worth: Buyer Urgency v. Seller Resolve (38 comments)
"huh? nanobits? jurists? nitrogen? shoestrings? ego? Kennedy?"
5) On Celebrating Unimpressive Percentages (38 comments)
"Given the market, selling 8 units in a week is a strong opening. We just have to hope it is 20% of ALL UNITS versus the latest sly approach of calculating the percentage of ONLY AVAILABLE UNITS."