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BREAKING: Crane Collapse at One Ten 3rd

Two reports just across the CurbedWire about the Toll Brothers development One Ten 3rd, whose apartments hit the market earlier this week:

1) "Heard a loud crash in the East Village and then noticed multiple helicopters circling - seems like there was a crane accident at the Toll Brothers site."
2) "A large section of the crane just fell as they were removing sections. Onlookers were saying that the large piece may have partially fallen on a passing taxi...?" [WNBC confirms the cab crushing; no injury reports as yet]

And here we were trying to figure out what a Curbed commenter meant when they remarked, "Toll is to luxury housing/McDonalds is to salads."
· Cab Crushed in Manhattan Crane Accident [WNBC]
· Toll Brothers Get Out the Pricing Gun [Curbed]

UPDATE: David Hauslaib sends along two photos of the scene (after the jump), and there's also a Flickr set from user nycviarachel.