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Curbed Field Trip: BLUE Welcome Party

Above, the line down Norfolk Street on the Lower East Side to get into the BLUE party Wednesday night. Oh, you didn't think we'd close out the week without a BLUE party report, did you? For shame.

Below, a video report from Team Curbed, including a review of the goodie bag. After the jump, the party in photos, as captured by Brian Van. Enjoy—god knows we did.

BLUE. We cannot escape you.

The party terrace, featuring a delightful panorama view of—Co-Op Village.

The buffet served all matter of tasty morsel with some vague Lower East Side theme. Famed Curbed commenter Babs files this report:

Oh, Red, you are so right! But what was also shocking (apart from the lack of liquor -- bar closed promptly at 8:15, people thrown out by 8:45, probably so as not to antagonize the existing area residents), was the fact that the building is so incomplete -- there were no model apartments to tour, the elevator wasn't working, so everyone went up in the hoist, even the patio where the party was was only semi-finished. And everyone was commenting on how cheap the construction looked. I don't see the point of inviting people in at this stage -- kind of reverse marketing. I still love the building's looks, and am excited about seeing a finished unit. I'm not a contractor, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in terms of the quality of the construction until more progress has been made.

I would have liked more 10 Cane, however, so I wouldn't have had to pour the contents of my goody bag miniature into my party's glasses...

Oh, and the rats seem to be a permament fixture of that block as well, but maybe it's just a combination of the two construction sites (Blue and Switch), mixed with Tonic's eternal sewage problems and Tides' fishy garbage.

Good times.

Patrons enjoyed free finger-food and conversation about interest rates.

BLUE cocktails! At last, the dreams of our youth are realized.

The bar. So calm, so early...

... so painful, later.

Reports blogger This Girl Called Automatic in an amusing post about the party, "Some genuis party-planner decided to make mojitos for the masses of clamoring people, like, with fresh limes, and we had to wait in a huge mass of men in royal blue shirts and messenger bags and young ladies (who were basically on another ozone level since Steph is 5'9 and I'm 5'10) while the bartender like, basically went to Mexico, started a lime farm, grew a bunch of limes, and then squeezed them into our drinks individually along with peppermint she grew out of her ass while we were all aging and not aging well."

"Yes, it really does look like that."

The gift bag included fold-out BLUEs. Yes, really. Really. Really.

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