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Ask Curbed: Help, I Think the Broker is a Pervert

This question just into our inbox:

I have lived in a building that has been on the market for a couple of years now. This has meant a constant stream of brokers in and out of my apartment. By far the one who has come the most often is someone who always calls ahead of time and rarely arrives late or stages a no-show. I've gotten the sense that the broker thinks I'm cute -- harmless. But yesterday the broker, decades older than me, showed up and I was wearing an especially tight T-shirt. His eyes practically popped out of their sockets. I guess something resonated because when I checked my Caller ID later that night when I got home, I saw someone whose name I couldn't place. I realized later who it was: the broker! The broker didn't leave a message (which never happens) and called in the evening (ditto) from his own phone (ditto). He has a key to my place! Help, Curbed. I'm freaked out!
Any advice for her?
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