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Selling West Orange as "Brooklyn, New Jersey"

The seller of the chateau pictured above passed along word of his FSBO and dangled raw, dripping, red meat in front of us to get us to bite:

FSBO fever seems to have died out in the cooling market, but I'm taking a stab at it ( > ) with a home-made website and some signs from Home Depot. Thought you might find it interesting because I'm capitalizing on a local realtor's reference to a NY Post article comparing West Orange, NJ to Brooklyn (the article is actually titled "Brooklyn, New Jersey"). I'm sure this comparison would inspire strong emotions from Brooklyn readers...The 3BR FSBO is asking $374K. Now, if we took the West Orange is Brooklyn bait, this would be like hunting dairy cows. First, we could note that the things listed as being "within walking distance" include CVS, Rite Aide, Papa John's Pizza and something called "Brooklyn’s World Famous Hot Dogs & Italian Ices." Then, we could point out that there are two Whole Foods nearby, which in and of itself would make it very unlike Brooklyn. Then, we could have fun with the way the site notes how easy it is to get to the Port Authority from West Orange (departures every 20 minutes) and also something scary called "the Mississippi Bus Loop" that we don't even want to know about because it doesn't sound like something that runs down Flatbush Avenue. But, we won't do any of that. Instead, we'll only say that West Orange will have to wait its turn in line to be the Next Brooklyn after parts of Queens and SoBro get their turns.
· 52 William Street []
· Brooklyn, New Jersey [NYPost via]