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Breeders Threaten "Dyke Slope"

Oh, for the good old days. The new Brooklyn Papers reports that Park Slope's status as "Dyke Slope" is in peril because of rampant heterosexual breeding and the resulting Maclaren Army of Stroller Moms and Ankle Biters. A "gayborhood" pioneer who has fled to Windsor Terrace says:

“I moved to Dyke Slope when it was strong. Then it became Puppy Slope. Now it’s Baby Slope. We can’t fit between all the strollers there.”So, is Windsor Terrace the new "Dyke Slope"? Or is it Kensington? Or Sunset Park?
· Lesbians moving out of 'Dyke Slope' [Brooklyn Papers] BONUS: Also, this week, SmartMom yearns to "rip off her shirt, pull down her bra, and nurse right in the middle of Times Square" in support of Brooklyn breast feeders.