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Far West Side Deal Approved

After failing to build a stadium and then having their cheap bid to buy the land rejected, the City has finally struck the right chord in the plot to redevelop the far west side of Manhattan. Yesterday, the M.T.A unanimously approved the proposal to redevelop the Far West Side. "Under this agreement they would cooperate in rezoning a 13-acre railyard on the west side of 11th Avenue between 30th and 33rd Streets, and the authority would sell it to a developer. The city also agreed to pay the authority $200 million for unused development rights from the railyard on the east side of the avenue." The kicker is that city is only obligated to pay a fixed amount for the 7 Train extension, with the M.T.A obligated to take on the rest.

Now we just have to kick back and wait for the proposals. Ms. Manhattan anyone?
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