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Curbed Roundtable: September State o' the Market Report

It's our first day of posting in September, so once again it's time to ask you, the wise Curbed reader, for your take is on the state of the New York City housing market. Before you hop into the comments, a trio of semi-random data points to consider:

1) The above scary graph that made the rounds on the blogs last week. Scary rating: low. NYC is, as we all agree, immune to bubbles.
2) Via Matrix, twin bad tidings: word that consumer confidence is shrinking, and a Business Week scare cover story on mortgage defaults. Scary rating: moderate to high. Well, really we're just scared of that snake.
3) An UrbanDigs field report from Chelsea and midtown: "Take specific note of the Chelsea House Condo's BIG price reduction of almost 35% on APT 3A & the 66th Street Townhouse that was reduced by $4.5M. It seems even developers and the super wealthy are starting to jump on the price reduction wagon; finally!" Scary rating: moderate-ish. High-end PriceChops just don't faze us much. We're chill like that.

Alrighty. And so, our monthly query: what you seeing out there?
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APROPOS OF NOTHING: Our congratulations to the Curbed readers who've now left a Curbed-record 217 comments concerning the situation at 110 Livingston. Every time we think we're insane, we're reminded that you're right there with us. Holla!