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Virtual Tour of a Brooklyn Apartment

If you're already tired of On Prospect Park and want to look at a trashed Brooklyn apartment instead, definitely click over to Poland Korea Relations, the urban-slice-of-life blog produced by Emil & Hiri, and check the "virtual tour" of their Brooklyn apartment. Emil calls it "a fully immersive, virtual environment with hidden surprises" and says the clean-me vibe is "art." We're not so sure:

I am subletting this apartment from a 79 year old Polish man who is away in Poland. This apartment has not been renovated in 40 years and some of its fixtures may even be a hundred years old. For instance, my bathtub is right in my kitchen, right next to the door to the apartment. Everything else is very old too, including the antique furniture and the stove. This is just a very dingy place and it’s so hard to keep clean since it looks dirty to begin with.What we want to know is: what's the rent?
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